1. How long do I need to wait until I shower? Typically, it’s a minimum of 8 hours, with 12 hours being your point of diminishing returns. We do offer a 3 hour express spray. However, I’ve also learned to do fun things with fair skin, and express tans, where I can customize different levels to have you shower earlier.
  2. What do I wear? Whatever you would like – You can wear old underwear, swimsuit, or birthday suit. It’s all about your comfort level and tan lines. If you’re going to be in a bikini, then definitely consider tan lines.
  3. Speaking of tan lines, can you fill in lines from yard work, outdoor workouts, etc?  Yes, actually I can. Although I may not be able to get it perfect, I can blend it very well, where hardly anyone will notice. It just takes just a little more time and effort.
  4. How do I prepare? Exfoliate 24 hours BEFORE your tan. This one is important because if you do it right before, your tan won’t last as long. So make sure you do it before. Also moisturize, moisturize, moisturize before. However, the kicker to this is to use something natural, like a coconut oil, or an olive oil. This one is key. Put some on about four hours before your spray tan too.
  5. How do take care of my tan? The care of your tan is all about natural. Don’t use any standard soap bars, like Dove, etc. Go for natural soaps, along with natural oils/moisturizers. If you haven’t started using coconut oil, yet, seriously go out and buy some. Throw away the expensive ‘tanning lotions’ because this stuff is the bomb when it comes to keeping your tan. Use it every day, though.
  6. Do I really have to take off my clothes in front of someone? Yep, unfortunately you do. But it’s always me who comes into your home. Honestly, I’m a professional, and I have seen it all, so it might be awkward at first, but you’ll get over it quickly.
  7. How is your tan different from a booth? I can customize everything where you can’t do that in a booth. Plus the booth can’t get your nooks and crannies. You have to think about the lines above your knees, the half moon, under your butt, etc. And the booth can’t get that. I also work with people to understand areas that may fade faster, and we can double those to get the perfect fade to your tan.
  8. How long does the process typically take?  From the time I get there to when I leave, it’s approximately 20-30 minutes.  The tan itself, only takes about 10, but then we have to add in consult time along with set-up and take down.
  9. Does the spray get everywhere?  Nope, so that’s the beauty of this.  I bring a tent, that’s just big enough for you to stand in, and fits easily into a bathroom.  We can even do it outside or in the garage if you prefer, but the spray stays right within the tent so it’s not spraying all over.

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